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  • Фармацевтический склад


    A and A + Class warehouse complexes, located in Moscow, are at the Inter-S Group Company disposal. The warehouse complexes themselves and their internal saturation have been designed exclusively for the handling of medicines, medical products, biologically active additives and cosmetics. The premises design features allow the products handling with any speed parameters of cargo movement. Warehouses are licensed by the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation and have all the necessary permits and certification documentation.

  • Аренда индивидуальных складских боксов


    The Inter-S Group Company warehouses technological plane is furnished with the world's leading manufacturers’ equipment. The products main storage areas are placed on their own plane, the MECALUX Company (Spain) cargo-racking systems. The multi-level shelf mezzanine system offers our clients a territory for small-scale storage and products selection. Upon request and agreement with clients, the retail picking other forms, such as gravity and elevator systems or production and retail picking lines, can be placed and used on the mezzanine. The whole range of cargo handling operations is carried out using front and auxiliary machines of the JUNGHEINRICH Company (Germany). Cargo multilevel packing is carried out using the SIAT Company (Italy) palletizers. Modern IT solutions, operating in the world's leading companies, are responsible for the management of technological processes. To ensure uninterrupted operation, all warehouse sites are provided with backup power generators and intelligent data storage systems.

  • Безопасность складские комплексы Интер-С Групп


    All the Inter-S Group Company warehouses complexes meet the most stringent fire safety requirements, access and individual control systems. They are provided with the latest generation round-the-clock video surveillance. The performed security measures provide for multi-level control of all ongoing processes.