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  • режимы обработки грузов существующих складов «3PL–4PL

    Cargo Storage Multi-Temperature Environment

    The Inter-S Group Company warehouse complexes are fitted with modern climatic equipment (air conditioning system, supply and exhaust ventilation, refrigeration equipment), which allows medicines storage and handling in any working temperature range - (below zero), (+2; +8) , (+8; +15), (+15; +25) and set indoor humidity.

  • склад в аренду

    Wholesale and Retail Storage Systems

    The warehouse storage planes are built and equipped taking into account the possibility of handling the material flow of any complexity and the commodity mass movement speed. The used racking equipment and the cargo handling fleet allow carrying out any possible form of cargo handling at all stages of the objects operation (pallet, retail and small-scale cargo handling).

  • услуги ответственного хранения

    Flexible Customer Service System

    The company's clients can choose a mixed or individual storage system for their products. Storage in a dedicated area with individual entrance and exit, both to the storage plane and to office premises. Products storage in the common room, in individual temperature boxes or boxes with normal working temperature range. Regardless of the volume of the provided cargo, an individual matrix for the commodity mass handling is built for each client and is controlled by the company's modern IT solutions.